April 12, 2003

To leese:

(this is in the comments too, I'm just getting tired of scrolling down so far to continue this discussion. in any event, hopefully, this will end the discussion, as I'm about done with it.)

All writers draw from their personal lives and experiences to create their characters. All journals and personal papers are about people's personal experiences. This being a combination of the two, my personal experiences are going to come out. The disdainful phrase "dirty laundry" does not seem applicable to what I'm doing here.

That said, I believe that the only person who could even claim to have had any of their "dirty laundry" aired by me is a girl named Shannon. Everybody else comes off looking pretty good, or at worst, human.

And to be honest, If indeed I have aired any of Shannon's "dirty laundry", I feel I've earned that right.

And having just reviewed most of my blog entries over the last 4 or so months, no one comes off badly apart from Shannon. And she doesn't even come off badly, just messed up.

Actually, scratch that, one person does come off badly.


But in response to your addendum, nothing incriminating or too personal has been said about anyone apart from myself and possibly Shannon. And as stated above, I feel I've earned that right.

So I don't think your query really applies to me.

So if this is just a general question about the limits of what I feel can and can't be posted on blogs/online journals, that's my answer.

If, as I get the sneaking suspicion, you feel I'm wronging someone in someway, then you'll have to come out and say it, because I'm done with the explanation of my theoretical limits of what I feel is appropriate to post on my personal website.

Basically, I'll post whatever I want. True or not. And I'll also refrain from naming specific people, apart from first names or initials, but only because that is my preference.

Hopefully, this is 'nuff said on the subject.

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