April 15, 2003

I shall never get you put together entirely

Somehow in all the confusion around the spigot household lately (I'm about to vacate my domicile and travel to Greece for two months of excavation) I forgot to mention the best thing I've received in the mail since, well, since The Choppa sent me a very cool mix CD.

I received the new Medusa Poetry Zine from Auntie Sarah. Also enclosed was a very nice handwritten note that asked me if I had anything similar, and if so requested one.

I immensely enjoyed the zine, and felt compelled to come up with something. If not something similar (I gave up writing poetry after I realized I wrote the best poem I will ever write in 1994), something nonetheless.

So here's the stitch.

The first 20 people who email me their addresses (19 actually, as Sarah gets one in return for the inspiration and the zine) will be the lucky recipients of The First and Most Likely Only Special Print Edition of The Spigot Pamphlet. With a scheduled release date of May 15th, this unique Fellini by 11 edition of The Spigot may contain such things as:
A short story in 150 words.
The afore mentioned best poem I ever wrote.
My all time favorite H2BH list.
A brief conversation with Sylvia Plath
Entries from my hard to find and now collectable (going for $100 a url on eBay right now) former blogs (June 2001 to March 2002).

And possibly more.

Or less.

But it will be collectable, numbered and utterly unique.

So sign up today.

Please, please, please do not forget to include your physical mailing address in your email as this will be a real sheet of paper which I will have to mail to you. Hand-numbered, don'tchaknow.

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