April 16, 2003

best search queries that led to the Spigot

11. broken windows theory (I think this is the name of a New Tantric Snipes song)

10. pictures of choppa rapper (Amy, you never told me you rapped.)

9. did ed choose carol vessey or frankie? (Carol. Damnit. I love Frankie. Oh, and save Ed.)

8. say what you will about the tenents of national socialism (at least it's an ethos.)

7. am i still drunk (Do you have to ask? This must be your first time here at the Spig.)

6. it's a motherfucker getting' threw a sunday (Apparently it was also a motherfucker getting threw grammar school for this person.)

5. go fuck yourself music (yeah. Take that, music.)

4. pierce yourself (why on earth? Let it be known that I did have a piercing at one time. But I ain't tellin' where.)

3. listen to proud to be an american (bet this Lee Greenwood loving hic-fucker was disappionted)

2. fucking for peace (Yes please!)

1. scarface comforters (God I want one! "Good night, Tony Montana, I love you." "Good night, my little friend.")

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