April 19, 2003

The most interesting part of last night...

Was not running into the girl I convinced I was an anesthesiologist last week.

Nor was it not getting into a bar because I was wearing tennis shoes (my snazzy black suede pumas with the silver "go faster" stripe down the sides).

Nor was it getting free drinks at anther bar because the bartender was new and kept messing up other tables' drinks.

Nor was it getting pizza at 3am (but that was good- thank god for delivery 'til 4:20)

Nor was it my roommate disappearing from the bar at 1:40.

Nor was it the noises coming out of the darkened bathroom from my roomie and the girl he brought home.

No, it was getting up at about 4:45, going into the bathroom to pee, and as I sort of glanced around the bathroom, standing there peeing, in my half-drunk/half-sleep and realizing that that girl that the roomie brought home was passed out in her undies, in a fetal position on the bathroom counter, and continuing peeing.

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