April 25, 2003

Last chance to dance trance (perhaps)

So we're having the big blow-out Weird Science/say anything.../that one movie that ruined a prefectly good replacement's song title and then didn't even have the decency to put the song in the film-style party. Sarah B. will be there, along with the evil overlord, Morgoth.

You're all invited too, if you want to come.

I gaurantee, hijinks will ensue, and MST and I will talk about obscure british bands from the 90's, someone will say "aren't you glad we attacked Iraq now, Steve?" and I'll punch them, Bobby will hook up with a girl, or at least something girl-like, while tony and I will pass out around 3:30, probably having just eaten a mary jane's pizza, alone in our respective beds.

Good times. The last of the really good times.

Fuck, now I'm all sad.

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