April 26, 2003

Here's the pitch, it's a martial arts movie set in Tulsa, called Lil' Tiger, Drunken Dragon and it's about Lil' Tiger trying to give Drunken Dragon a black-eye. That's all I've got so far...

You know you've hung out with Sarah B. when you wake up with sharpie tattoos on your knuckles and the right side of your face hurts, but you don't have a black-eye.

The best part was my brilliant drunk idea to re-enact it over the phone for the benefit of Brian and Alex's answering machine twice.

Do you believe me now?

And no, kyle, I did not hit a girl.
Seriously dude, do you think I'm the type of guy who would hit a girl?
Well, maybe if she tried to switch the TV off the NASCAR race, but that's it.

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