May 12, 2003

Will you still love me when I'm blind in one eye?

So I awoke yesterday to find my left eye welded shut with nasty eye mucus and the entire left eye area swollen. So I washed out my eye with some saliene, and didn't put on my contacts till about noon. It was still a bit red and irritated, but everything seemed all right. So I went about my day, going on a car rally/scavenger hunt with mi madre, and going to the empire to drink, smoke and write away the afternoon (and have amusingly awkward phone conversations).

I also saw The Real Cancun which was the best movie I've seen in about a week, much better than X2, but not as good as Winged Migration. I would recommend getting the bartender at your empire (your local, whatever it be named.) to buy you a couple of shots in addition to your Guinness intake because he's "never seen you drinking this early before- on a Sunday." Being drunk definitely heightens the Real Cancun experience.

Meanwhile, back in my eye, I guess driving around in a convertable and being next to smoke didn't help at all, as when I woke up this morning, my eye was red, huge, and I could barely see. I went and got an eye wash from the local pharmacy, but I think I might actually have to go to the doc for this one, which sucks, as I have no health insurance, and very little cash.

I have pictures of the gross eye (after using the wash, so not as gross as it was) but I can't find my USB cable for the camera, and I don't really feel like looking for it, you dig?

So for now, to quote Doooooougie:
"If I don't die or worse, I'm gonna need a nap"
I'm gonna go sleep and hope that my irrigated, clean, closed eye will sort itself out.

So you people are gonna have to get more impatient about the last post.

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