May 13, 2003

Things Steve thought last night

in his stoned haze, that he either doesn't remember, or wouldn't say sober.

1) He wishes he talked to you more. He wishes you randomly called him and if he didn't pick up, would leave nice messages, and if he did, would have nice conversations with him. He also likes the emails he gets from you, and he smiles everytime he sees your name in his inbox.

2) He's not sure if #1 is healthy.

3) That pop music was better in the early sixties because they were creating a cannon, a cannon which has now become tired and stale, and the only innovation really goes on on the fringes of popularity because they subvert the cannon, and in the 60's, rock'n'pop was some weird amalgam of the fringes of popularity and of popularity itself.

4) The Beef & Lemons album could save the world.

5) He wished there was some way he could levitate his iBook out of the living room and up to the attic so he could do some writing.

6) How he wishes that you didn't have a significant other, and not in that "I wish you'd break up with them"-way, but in that, "maybe if you didn't, and I didn't, just one of these times, maybe something good would happen instead of this, which is beginning to feel like an old movie, where we'll end up writing letters until our old age and then one of us will die, and then the other one will confess unrequited love to the other's fading soul"-way. But we all know he can be melodramatic when he's stoned.

7) How he needs to eat this apple and go to sleep.

I am that I am

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