May 14, 2003

Sometimes I think I'm a big dumb clod, like the the rock eater from The NeverEnding Story, or the Hulk

I think my thoughts and actions in life are nimble and swift and accurate, but when I find out what they really did, it looks like a gigantic toddler has made caricatured sweeps through the hallways of my life, destroying and marking everything in garish crayon.

This is what comes from thinking you're more clever than everyone else. You hurt people. You convince yourself that you know what's best, hell, you're even pretty good at convincing others that you know what's best.

But you cause more damage than good.

You hurt people you care about.

You try to make up for these things with other people, but you end up hurting them in new, other ways.

You get chances, every once in a while to fix things, but it doesn't seem that you can. Things are too different, the wounds you caused have healed, but the scars remain.

How's that for a 9am thought?

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