May 15, 2003

Remember that one time, when I came to visit you in Paris?

I just found the transcription of the phone conversation I had with your host lady at DeGaulle right after my plane landed (written on the back of an Edinburgh club flyer, no less).

"Hello, is K there?"
"Yes, she is sleeping."
"Yeah, but could you tell..."
"She is sleeping well."

(ok, I didn't actually say "bugger")
So I took the bus into the city and wandered around until the evening when I called you again.

Us both being writers and all, don't you think one of us should have written about that trip?

Well, I guess I did, on the blog, but I think that was a bit before you started reading.

Here's the best part (or worst):

But honestly the sexiest part of Paris was the first night, in the Crazy Violin, when we were dancing or almost dancing or between dancing and sitting back down, and I was too close behind you, the length of our bodies touching, and you said "You're being very territorial" and I said "Sorry, it's just being drunk and around you again, I momentarily forget that you're not mine anymore" and you replied "No, I like it. I miss the way you press against me in crowds" and I just fucking melted, wished that I hadn't broken up with you, but knew it was too awkward to continue...

And I know I misquoted, but that was the gist of the words that passed between us.

How's this for interesting?

A good reward for chapters 456?

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