May 20, 2003

I am Johnny Mathis' Feet

I am I am I am Superman and I know whatís happening
I am I am I am Superman and I can do anything

You donít really love that guy you make it with now do you
I know you donít love that guy cause I can see right through you

If you go a million miles away Iíll track you down girl
Trust me when I say I know the pathway to your heart

Johnny looked at my songs and he said,
"Well at first guess, never in my life
Have I ever seen such a mess.
Why do you say everything as if you were a thief?
Like what you've stolen has no value
Like what you preach is far from belief?"

Outside this bar, there's no one alive.
Together we'll turn this love into violence.

Those creatures jumped the barricades
and have headed for the sea
She began to breathe
To breathe at the thought of such freedom

The time to rise has been engaged
Youíre better best to rearrange
Iím talking here to me alone

-REM vs. AMC

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