May 21, 2003

Fellow bloggers and blog readers and that one girl who I don't know quite how to address who has been helping me not lose my mind in relation to certain things recently, and making me quite nervous/excited about others

I work a lot of shit jobs, people.
This comes from doing my best to avoid any real sense of responsibility and my fear of anything tying me to any one place. And having a degree in Philosophy.
But let me impart these simple requests on you as guidelines for when you deal with the people who deliver your furniture, serve your drinks and cater your parties.

Don't be an asshole.
Have a clue.
Know where you want your furniture to go, and then don't make us move it again when you change your mind.
It's not my fault there's only so much alcohol in a shot. If you bitch about it to me the first time, I will never, ever overpour your drinks, bitch.
If the other people at your table tell me you are done eating and I take your plate, don't get mad at me if you aren't. Get mad at them.

I'm too tired to go on.

Just try to be nice, have some common sense, and realize that the guy lugging in that headboard may be a lot smarter than you think he is.

Good night, all.

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