May 29, 2003

ok people, listen up

it's time for group participation again.

I desperately need new clothes. As in all of my old clothes are falling apart desperately.

Now, as a 26 year old, where do I go to find clothes?

And before my few indie centric viewers out there tell me thrift stores, left me tell you a few things about thrift stores. I've found some good shirts at thrift stores, and some better books. But, the majority of the clothes I like at thrift stores are pre-1985, and judging from the selection of thrift stores all over the world, it seems that there were no chubby 5'10" guys before 1985. And I am a chubby 5'10" guy. In addition, thrift stores involve shopping. Looking for shit. I want to be in and out, people. The only things I enjoy shopping for are books, magazines, comics, music and furniture. So don't tell me thrift stores.

Also keep in mind that my budget is not that big. Sure, I'd love to walk into A/X and buy a $50 t-shirt, cause man, do they look good, but I can't be spending no $50 on a t-shirt (besides, I don't think tulsa even has an A/X, and if we did, it'd probably be in the Mall from hell, and I don't go to the mall from hell, except to get BoBa.)

That's another thing. I hate malls. Hate hate hate. So here's what I can think of off the top of my head that doesn't involve me going to the mall from hell. Work with this and give me some suggestions:

The Gap
Banana Republic
Old Navy
Some ritzy men's boutique thing that I went to once
A bunch of thrift stores.

I want to be kinda stylin' here people. But I'm lazy. I'm also accepting applications for the spigot's personal shopper. You can play dress the spig (ooooh, that sounds dirty!).

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