May 31, 2003

I think I broke my toe.

Can I get some friends that don't drink?
All I wanted to do last night was go to Target, go to the record store, go to the health food store, cook dinner, drink a bottle of wine, watch the Wilco DVD and The Big Blue and maybe get a milkshake.

What did I do?
Went over to Kurte's, drank Jack, went out to the bar, drank jack, played all of Yoshimi and Slanted&Enchanted on the jukebox, and of course MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT and GOIN' BACK TO CALI (which really has the phattest intro of any rap song ever, and one of the best B&W videos, too) and Ring of Fire and City of New Orleans, and got hideously drunk, spent too much money, went to FUCKING Whataburger (and you know it's bad if I went to Whataburger at like 230am, especially now that there's a 24 hour MCD's right there, so I don't have to risk certain food poisoning at fucking ghetto-ass whataburger.), lost my ciggies, tripped on the steps up to my cave, possibly, probably, certainly, broke MY FUCKING TOE, and fell asleep listening to Kill the Moonlight (THE best album of 2002 and if you don't think so motherfucker, i'll fucking make you eat the jewel case, bitch), woke up at some ungodly hour like 6am and decided to check my email just in case someone from like the middle of the FUCKING PACIFIC OCEAN had decided to email me in that 4am-6am CST block, and finally woke up again at 845, had the brilliant idea to turn the other way on my bed so the stupid skylight isn't right above my head but was too awake, so started reading zine guide and then decided to post.

THIS is why I need friends sans drinking problem.


Owie. well, maybe I just dislocated the motherfucker cause it made a satisfying *POP* just now while playing with it. HURT LIKE SONOFBITCH, though.

Do me a favor people and fucking comment on this shit.
You can say "hoo-dy woo-dy" for all I care, but I need to feel some FUCKING comment love. I'm shootin for 15, but I'll settle for 8.

Thank you for indulging me, now back to Zine Guide.

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