June 06, 2003

All I need is a red Blog, three words, and the truth

Matt, Miss K, you know that ending I sent you to my story?

Fuck it. Tear it up. It sucks. I was trying to squeeze out a conclusion when I didn't know what really had to happen.


Expect it soon.

Everybody else, you ever have one of those moments driving on the highway at 4am still miles away from home when everything, all your dilemmas, just *click* and you see the solutions, and you realize that they're not even solutions, that there is only one way, there is only one series of events which could bring you to this exact point, and only one series of events which will eminate from this point. It is the way, and it is neither bad nor good, it just is. And normally you would feel depressed by this, you would feel the need to rage against the realization that you have no choice, or rather you have but one choice you will make, but you see the path you see the journey of all things, all matter, and you feel at the same time, completely calm and yet about to burst with ideas and words.

And no, I wasn't stoned. I did have a couple shots of Jager and some Denny's coffee though.

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