June 15, 2003

I will sing, sing a new song

Spelunking around the blogosphere as I take breaks from writing endings to my story which I am progressively less happy with, I keep finding things like this and the fiction/non-fiction princess-on-the-lam blog I linked a couple days ago, and I feel like I should be doing something more significant with my blog.

But, the very concept of the mental spigot is to be the sound and the fury of my thoughts which someone (possibly me, possibly not) will hopefully see a thread of meaning and something of intrinsic worth. Hence the stolen Wilco lyric, "the unified theory of everything." That's what this blog is. The theory of Steve Spigot.

I'm just so fucking unhappy with the endings for my story.

you have now reached intermission!!!!!!!!!


Sarah B. had a kick-ass coed-drunken-slumber-party-birthday-party last night, although, I think she was lying about having french toast bagels in the box this morning, because I didn't see any. I got to play spin the bottle, though.

Now, back to the post...

So, I think what I'm trying to say, is I'm starting a new blog.
Something more...

I'm going to go pound my head into a wall for a few hours instead of trying to write this stupid fucking story.

I should just be a bartender the rest of my days, because if I can't write one FUCKING STORY HOW IN THE FUCKING HELL DO I FUCKING EXPECT TO BE A WRITER?



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