June 23, 2003

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So I'm sitting in a top secret lair in Silverlake right now, wondering what to do with myself. I have no car, and feel kind of like I should email he of the bus blog and ask him tips on travelling around the metropolis sans auto.
Not to give away my location, but I can walk to a little neighborhood coffee place and a damn fine bookstore. I'll be hiding out in this mountain headquarters all week, looking for a place to live and finalizing my application to grad school.
Oh, and doing cool la things with cool la people.
It's odd, but as much as I hated living here before, it feels comfortable now.
Where it seemed relentless before it seems almost acquiescing now.
I have clearer goals. I don't want to be a worldbeater any more.
I am content to carve out an odd little niche opposed to the main function of this city.
This should be interesting.

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