July 23, 2003

As petey pointed out, that was South.

Go buy their records.
I'm all about file sharing and stuff, but when it comes down to it, remember to support the people that make it. Go ahead and fuck the big horrible record companies, take them down, make them burn, but go see live music. Buy records from people like south and calexico. If you wanna rip off that new radiohead or justin timberlake or 50 cent album, go ahead. They make enough money anyway. And you know, if the big record companies had their way, and continued with their slash and burn policies toward artist development, in a few years we would have to turn to shows like american idol for new talent, and the streets of LA would be littered with washouts whose first albums went gold and whose second ones tanked.
And how good does it feel to discover an artist?
to be the first one of your friends, the first one on your block, in your town to listen to, say moses leroy?
It's like you're a member of a secret club.
It should also be like you're Jebus, come to the new world to spread the word of God and tell the lost tribe to hide some gold plates in upstate new york, and by that i mean go buy an ass load of records, and then have a crazy little boy find them hundreds of years later and lead people on a journey to Utah, and by that i mean take people to a shitload of shows, cause shows are fun and what music is all about, and they're more fun than a plague of locusts and living near a giant LAKE OF SALT, that's for damn sure.

Where was I going with this?
oh, yeah.
share your music. just make sure you support that struggling band that you listen to everymorning, or late at night when you're drunk with your friends.

that is all.

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