July 27, 2003


And on the Third Day, He rose, and listened to The Rapture.

House of the Jealous Lovers, yo.

And I guess I actually rose on Saturday, cause I worked Saturday night, and then again this morning in fucking Tahlequah, but trust me, I'm finally truly risen, and The Rapture definitely helps. I wanna go see them in Iceland again. By the way, yours truly, along with Matty and Aden, was one of the first people in the entire world to tell you that The Rapture will fucking rock your fucking socks, via H2BH (and yes, smartass, I know we are severely lacking in content since the redesign, but if you want content so bad, then send us some. If you think you're hip enough.) almost a year ago.

Tonight, I make my body pay for keeping me in for three nights. It's on like Limsoon Wong, mofos.

Although, I did like the fever dreams. Tastily, tenderly, terrifyingly, trancendentally, teasingly, tenebriously, tantalyzingly, occupying, thank you.

My bloodstream cries out for the sweet nectar that is booze!

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