July 30, 2003

It's a pill that gives worms to ex-girlfriends.

Proof that people in Tulsa just don't get it:
The (crappy) free Tulsa weekly awarded the only Independent theater in town the "best place to see an independent movie" award, and says this in the little discription thingy:

"The Westby is located in downtown's burgeoning club district... where all the hipsters go and play."

Um, burgeoning? The Irish bar, a neeeegro club, a crappy dance club, a miniature crappy version of Coyote Ugly but without the name rights, and the club complex that is the blackhole of all memories (I heart you and your white trash, Voodoo, even though I talk bad 'bout 'cha.) do not a burgeoning club district make.

And hipsters?
I didn't know that the Tulsa equivaltent of B&T and the suburban masses who love a weird amalgam of Country and Rap (i.e. a stars and bars vanity plate whilst blasting 50) were considered hip.

I always thought that if Tulsa did have hip kids they were at Empire or Caz's.

But what the fuck do I know compared to a shitty weekly run by a staff of idiots who couldn't find the pulse of Tulsa if it was as warm as the bile I spew to them in my head each time I read the piece of crap that somehow has survived all competitors, even the couple that actually had potential to be better than it.


And it's flair, not flare, you idiots.

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