August 06, 2003

If you don't make a noise, god will never know you're there.

The 'Steve is Audi 5k, mofos' party:

This friday from about 6-10:30pm there will be a cookout with beer*, burgers, brats, and most likely Brooklyn-based band Bishop Allen** (the band with Christian of The Spark fame!) at the loverly Spigot household***. So tell your friends (at least the ones that know me. Scratch that, the ones that know AND like me), your bands, your marauding hordes and your women to mosey on down to what is essentially**** a going away party for meself. Please RSVP in the comments and give an estimate of how many***** peoples wil be joining youse. After the party we will be going out on the town to get 'totally wasted, dude.'

Rock too big for one hand,

* Some beer will be provided. It probably won't be very good beer, so if you're too good for bud or miller products, please bring your own beer to avoid complications. Burgers and Brats will also be provided.
** If by some miracle Empire quits being non-committal about Bishop Allen playing there Friday, then they may only do an acoustic set here, or may not play at all. But it will still be fun.
*** If you need directions, let me know.
**** Essentially, since it is probably the last friday night I will be in town and I have to work Saturday. So you better come. And it's also partly due to the fact that I made a drunken promise about throwing a backyard party if I couldn't get Bishop Allen a gig in town. Which works out nicely.
***** If at all possible, please try to carpool, as my street has limited parking. And so I have a rough idea of how much beer to buy.

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