August 10, 2003

Just stepped out on the main drag...

It rained today the whole drive back from Tahlequah.
Big rain drops descending from their clouds to the earth, my civic slicing through their sheets.
The air was warm and already thick with moisture, but in my head, the vapor-residue of a dream from the night before snaked its way into my consciousness.

A cool rain was falling on the silver car, not a honda. A peugeot, maybe. It's not the highway any longer either, but a two lane road, and the land undulates a bit more. The lush green terrain is soaked by the spring rain, and I glance over at you, and don't remember where this is, or why you're sitting in the passenger seat looking at a map. I am pleasantly suprised. Driving rain is always beautiful, but this was dream driving rain and the scenery would have been incredible without the rain. The sky is a dead grey, and you're one of the only people that I know that would look outside and think a dead grey rainy sky was beautiful too. I ask you where we're going, calmly trying to figure out what's happening, why I'm here. You just reply "Galway, silly."

And that's all the vapor gave me.

Hope cow-tipping land is treating you well.

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