August 17, 2003

I'm sorry, what? someone said they were wearing a towel and i got very distracted.

That and I'm drunk. Billy and his friend Amy (who was quite hot, very knowledgeable 'bout music literature and film, and a freakin' writer (makes an effing living from it!!!), so, yeah, basically, I'm disappointed that I'm sitting here watching Rick Steve's with Billy (and not that I'm watching Rick Steve's), but you know what I mean. In any event, they took me to the best (tragically hip, but fun) and the worst (MY PEOPLE) bars in denver, and i had a great fucking time (besides not getting to make out with said Amy).

Riiiiiiighty-o. As far as learning gaelg (done, done and done), driving on the left, (lots of experience), and discussing the subjects I brought up (um, yeah, done) as well as pints (puh-lease), and rheims (for you? give me 24 hours.), I'm in. And you know airfare isn't particularly a problem for me. So I hope that was serious.

Cause I need a travel partner.

And these benefits you speak of?

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