August 19, 2003

some sunny days, you wish it was raining...

others, you just wish you had packed your U2 CDs.

I'm calling the hiatus here at the spigot, until after the apartment search/figuring out my loan thing gets done. In brighter news, I got my Student ID today, and shot the shit for a while with the MPW people. And the student ID guy said "Oklahoma? Wow. Isn't that like the sooner state or something?" (people from california find it hard to believe that people could acutally live anywhere else in the world without constantly pining for california. It used to annoy the shit out of me, but now it amuses me and makes me pity their weak little souls.)

So during the hiatus, the blog will be doing one or more of the following to get into optimum LA shape for the redesign:

A) Developing an eating disorder and losing 15 pounds.
B) Developing a coke habit.
C) Buying lots of crappy pop-punk records so it can fit in with the cool california blogs. Talking indie rock goes over their heads.
D) Becoming a vegetarian.
E) Quitting the nasty coke habit.
F) Buying a convertable.
G) Going on auditions. Hey, it got a call back to play Doogie's blog in the movie version of Doogie Howser, M.D. starring Frankie Muniz.
H) Buying some trendy new clothes, getting a haircut, and hiring a personal trainer.
J) Learning how to surf.
K) Watching the OC religiously for tips on how to be more SoCal.

Which do you think the old unified theory of everything is occupying its time with while I look for a place to live and start classes?

P.S. Pictures from Bishop Allen in my backyard will be up with the redesign.
See you soon!!!!

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