August 29, 2003

Thank god for Sepi

So I was wandering around campus trying to figure out where to get my loan money, kind of aimlessly, and I saw this person sitting outside of Waite Philips Hall. I did a quick double take and realized that it was that famous blogging wunderkind, Miss Sepi. I apologized for bailing on her wednesday night, and had a brief chat in which she told me not only where to go to get my loan money, but also who to talk to (when I got to the head of the line the guy in the red shirt and glasses was freed at the same time as some clueless looking dude, so I followed Spei's advice and went to the red shirt guy. Me: done in 5 minutes. The poor sap that was behind me: probably still there.), so I got my money and opened an account with the USCCU. Woo-hoo. Money, money, money. I briefly held in my hands (in the form of checks) more money than I have ever had on my person in my life, but thankfully, it was quickly deposited.

So Miss Sepi is now my own personal hero. And for helping a lost spigot in need, I'm gonna make her a couple good CDs. Cause not only is the girl an awesome and engaging writer, she has phenomenonal musical taste.

So go tell Sepi how cool she is.


What are you still doing here? Can't you see the post is over?

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