September 03, 2003

3 speed

Do you know what it feels like to spend 5 hours with someone and then feel this longing to spend more time with them when you finally part ways?

But what do you say?

How do you justify your desire to monopolize their time?

How do you justify your feelings toward them when you've both agreed that maybe things should be taken more slowly, maybe things should be weighed and measured carefully, the whole thing feels so good, so natural, but yet logically, you know it has to be like you are a six year old entrusted with carrying a fabergé egg through a crowded banquet hall of drunken, stumbling grown-ups?

You have to be careful. You have to be careful or otherwise you will destroy the thing of beauty entrusted to your hands, your hands which are always too small, and your legs which are too short, and your stature, also too small, so no one sees you, and the adults are like a minefield, staggering and oblivious to your mission.

I get sad when you leave.

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