September 13, 2003

johnny cash and grandma theory of everything

so, my mom's mom and johnny cash.
they dated.
or rather, they almost dated.
she went to a show of his in arkansas, and apparently he asked her out afterward. She was 16.
She said no.
But she did buy all of his records from that point on.
It's the only thing we ever really bonded about.
Well, she gave me all of her albums and singles of Mr. Cash.
Four of them signed.
I have probably one of the greatest Johnny Cash vinyl collections of any 20-something ever.
All thanks to my grandmother.
And the best part is we would talk about Johnny Cash.
What she actually thought about his songs.
And that led to Patsy Cline...
And we both loved Patsy.
My Grandmother doesn't know what a CD is, but when the Patsy Cline live CD from Tulsa came out in the late 90's, the one from the lost masters, she got it for me.
And then, later, it all led back to Hank.
My grandmother has a crush on Hank.
She thinks he's bad.
She thinks he drank too much.
But she knows that hank had the fire.
She knows why hank, pasty and especially johnny transcended.
And I know that I am her blood because I love these people as well, and I know what they meant, both to her and to me.

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