September 25, 2003

This was the P.S. to the last post, "Hi.", but I added to it so much, I felt it deserved its own space...

find Sometimes by My Bloody Valentine (on the album Loveless), and put it in the car stereo, wait until just before sunset on one of those bright white cloudless empty sky days where if you filmed it on video, the whites would blow out the screen, go to that sort of empty, warehouse type district of your city, preferably by a river, turn it all the way up, and just drive around with your left hand (or right hand if a friend is driving, or you live in Britain or something) out the window making the little waves in the air like it's surfing along the tides of guitar. And if you smoke, light one up for this. And think of being a teenager, think of that first person you loved, think of that first thing you did that you thought was truly great, think of the first truly evil thing you did, think of that time you were with your friends, driving around, much like this, and it felt so good it hurt, and you thought this feeling could really go on forever, that this painful, horrible pleasure could just swallow you whole, and that would be the way it should be, the time when things were raw, when you were cynical, but even your cynicism carried a passion, when you cared about things, when things drove you, when there were things you had to do, things you had to tell the world, or just your best friend, when secrets were powerful, when things really mattered. Take that feeling that wells up inside, take it and grab it so tightly that your fingers go numb, and never, ever let it go again.

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