October 21, 2003

Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor


And you know what, don't tell me it's not a book. It's a comic book, a graphic novel, a whatever, but all you people who look down on a work of art because of the medium the artist chose can go fuck yourselves. It's really, really good.

Ted Leo & the Pharmacisits - Hearts of Oak

Well, not Intolerable Cruelty, I can tell you that much. A kind of nice tribute to screwball comedy, but totally lacking in Cohen Bros. originality. For a better screwball comedy tribute, one with its own unique personality, watch LA Story. In fact, LA Story is the movie of the week.

A fellow doughty fan, and someone who lies about his age to make himself sound older. He has to be at the very least ten years younger than he says he is. I suspect eleven or twelve.
I think he's trying to get medicare early before it all runs out.
Sneaky bastard.

That is all, my subjects.
Play amongst yourselves.
I'll be back later.
Miss me.

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