October 23, 2003

half of me is ocean, half of me is sky

ramblings and thievings:

a haystack in a needle
pot kettle black
I will no longer do the devil's wishes
perfection is finite
losing chunks of myself along the way
want to sing walking down the street
stupid, stupid rat creatures
I can only thank god it was not to late
what do I do with everything left over
why are you so perfect, sometimes
glass ears shatter
the only thing on fire was his cigarette
all my lies are always wishes
far away from dry land and its bitter memories
I'm not a bad person for not calling you back
you're the whole world
the whole of the moon
stopping starting stopping
have a beer and a smoke
sometimes I wish I was catholic, I don't know why
you're guilty, that's why they hate you
let's talk about time itself
I'll be fine
a solitary man crying hold me, it's only because he's lonely
I never thought it would come to this
the streets of london
happy birthday to me
I crashed your wedding
stack them to the heavens
he only wanted more time.

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