October 29, 2003

always the last to know

ok, how come no one told me about Talk Talk?
I mean really told me.
Sure, I'd heard a few songs here and there, and knew they were a VU type band (one of those everybody who bought a copy went out and started a band bands), but why did no one sit me down, give me a pack of cigarettes, and make me listen to Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock back-to-back?
I mean, people knew I liked PG and Radiohead and Elbow and Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits and Joe Henry.
I can't believe these albums have been around for over a decade and I've never heard them.
Good god.
If you haven't heard them, go buy them. NOW.
Seriously. These are life changing works.
Utterly astounding.
Incomprehensible how I could have 2000 CDs and records and not these two.
That is all.
I'm going to (and pretty much have already) stay up all night listening to them back-to-back on repeat.
Beautiful, amazing, fragile, life-changing.
My jaw just keeps dropping.

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