November 07, 2003

is that a pyjama top you're wearing?

So I bought some good pasta sauce, some romas, some edam (for appetizers, you know, little cheese cubes. Oh, and God bless the river E), and some really kickass little veggie meatballs (also for appetizers, to be prepared in a little bit of the average pasta sauce I already had).

So after some edam cubes, fake meatballs and tomato slices, I'm going to do a little marinara with ricotta over rigatoni (with a little splash of red wine for good measure), and maybe I'll go pick up some bread, too, something with asiago melted on top.

Oh, and wine, there will be lots of wine.

Ok, so I'm probably just gonna eat another Lean Cuisine pizza.
But I do have all that stuff.
And I might get ambitious soon.

But it seems like a waste for just me, you know?

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