November 11, 2003

I never needed anybody

don't worry 'bout it, honey

so here's my yesterday:

awoken at 11 or so, by a beautiful girl bearing donuts who then proceeded to crawl into my bed and fall asleep (thus looking somehow even more beautiful), doing some writing, waking up said girl, said girl leaving, and then going to cowboy sushi with my long lost friend Jon, who lives in the wasteland of Dallas (what does that have to do with Dallas? nothing. but young lesbians in love are nicer than anything in Texas.)
We ate far, far too much, and to combat our food coma, made the traditional arcade run, where we played hi-tech games until we could walk back to our cars.
Then I headed home for a night in, until matt and katie called to see if I wanted to see tsar with them.
Never one to turn down a rawk show, I went.
Tsar =
"Hey, you got your Thin Lizzy in my Ramones!"
"You got your Ramones in my Thin Lizzy."
"Wait a minute..."

They tore through their set like wild animals. I think they stopped long enough once to say "Thank you, we're Tsar" but I could be wrong. They were high energy. Damn.

Oh, and I met Tony Pierce. Ok, yeah, I was a little star struck. It was sort of like "tony, steve, steve, tony" and he said "steve of the mental spigot" and what do I say to that? tony pierce of the tony pierce? I guess I could have said bus blog. Oh well. Tony, if you read this, I'm a huge fan, it was great to meet you, and I really liked tsar.

Now I feel like a dork. But whatever.
Tsar made me want to get back into the business of releasing music. It made me wish Little League Hero would finish their album, or Beef and Lemons would get back together, or mstizza would finish his album and get a band together.
Anyway, so I had a dull migrane all night, which was fine until Matt and Katie and I got back to my car, and it wouldn't start.
So, waiting on the corner for AAA (thanks to katie.)
I think that's it.
Look at katie's site for pictures, and tony's site for detailed descriptions of how much tsar rocks.

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