November 29, 2003

all lopsided and shit for the holidays

So, i have a black eye.
And shockingly, it was not given to me by one Sarah Brown.
My friend Kurte and I learned a very important lesson yesterday.
Even if you've been drinking all day, it's still not a good idea to sneak up on tony.
in about 2.7 seconds, tony schooled us.
we tried to grab him from the couch and were going to toss him outside.
i got clocked in the face, and kurte got flipped and thrown into the coffee table, and then punched in the throat.
both of my nostrils bed profusely, and i am now the proud owner of said shiner.
tony, who is one of our best friends, my roommate for two years, and kurte's current roomie.
tony, the nicest guy in the world.
tony, who apparently hides a rage that burns with the intensity of a thousand suns deep, deep inside, and only lets it out when two of his friends sneak up on him.
He's like the fucking hulk.
sadly, the coffee table did not survive the brutal attack.

And then we saw the engine hearts.
who rule.
you know, i can safely say that no band i've seen play this year has much on the engine hearts.
and generally i'm not a big fan of covers, but when your covers are can't hardly wait (in a sped up, hard rockin' style), 20th Century Boy ("I wanna be your toy!"), and Where is my Mind, you can get away with it.
they just rule
and I should know.

We also ran from one bar to another to make it before last call.
like a half mile.
drunk off our asses.
oh, and if USC loses to OU, I am out $200 and have to dance on the bar at empire in women's underwear.
Go Trojans!

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