December 04, 2003

Do you ever get that disconcerting feeling that everything just maybe might be going to be ok?

I feel like that right now.
Disconcerting, but lovely.
My heart is filled with a warm glow, my apartment is filled with the sounds of Cornershop, a pretty girl showering in the bathroom, and I'm almost done with everything.
Everything I spent the horrible last 40+ hours slaving over isn't due 'til next week, and I'm not even mad we have to have a class the week after classes are over, 'cause now, I'm ahead.
And I get to go see a funny man do his thing in a little over an hour.
And I love all my friends, the ones who don't know about the blog, the ones who read it all the time, and the ones that I made through the wonderful innovation that is blogging.

Things is good.

To paraphrase Miss Hall, "Spiggy is good."

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