December 10, 2003

Number of times the word fuck (or variations thereof, e.g., fucker, fucking, motherfucker, etc.) appears in the 63 pages of dialogue in my play: 67

I just UPSed off my play.
That is officially the longest thing I have ever completed.
I think I have a couple novel scraps and two screen plays that made it over the 68 page mark, but nothing ever finished.
It feels good.
I'm delirious.
It feels like I'm high.
Sweet, sweet sleep deprivation.

Also, I run the tightest pirate ship in the shipping business.
And yes, Virginia, we have both zombies and librarians in our crew.
But the zombies keep eating the librarians.
Cause librarians are no match for zombies, silly.

Oh, and on a completely different note, she, is one of god's most amazing creatures. Beautiful, soothing, good in the sack, able to bring me down from the frantic panics I work myself into, and she makes a mean potato soup, and a snazzy fruit egg roll.
In short, she both rocks and rolls.

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