January 09, 2004

piracy = cool. plagiarism = drool.

What's up.

Ok, my homie, sour bob, alerted me to some foul ass shit going down in webville.

Now, you may or may not remember when sarah bizzie bee was plagiarised a while back. And she's been plagiarised again, twice this week (breaking news from the spig!!!).

Apparently, this plagiarism thing is more prevalent that I realized. tequila has also recently been plagiarised, as has Greg.

Tequila is taking legal action, and more power to her.

The whole concept of blog-plagiarism bloggles my mind.
Plagiarism for school or monetary gain, while reprehensible, is at least justifiable in some way (it has rewards), but to plagiarise on a blog?

Would these people plagiarise in their diaries?

Utterly ridiculous and incomprehensible to me.

So stop.


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