January 12, 2004

penis enlargement pills & the new black

the new black seems to be quitting blogging.
or at least talking about quitting blogging.
I have yet to see anyone who was a serious blogger for over a month acutally quit.
It's like the mob.
It pulls you back in.
Even if you stop writing on it for weeks or months, inevitably, something will come up that you will think "man, I should blog about this."
Because it's a diary with an audience.
It's a soapbox in the middle of a giant digital park.
It's a cable access show that looks better, and reaches a wider audience.
It's a way to find a community of people from around the world that you identify with.
That's why, a simple thing like blogger or MT is so big.
It seems almost idiotic.
An easy, non html, non dreamweaver way to periodically update and archive a website.
I mean, seriously.
But then you start typing. Some people start typing things that are better, more focused, more topical than others, but once you start, you realize it gives you this window to scream out into the darkness.
To prove you exist.
To do something.
I think lots of bloggers lack focus, myself included.
But most people lack focus, so that's nothing to be ashamed of.
Blogging seems to be a spectacular way to find a focus.
To kick things around.
Someday someone will do something truly great with a blog, something that will make the world realize that blogging is the equivalent of the gutenberg press.
Not the internet.
The internet is paper, which is also an amazing invention.
But blogging engines are what open up that paper to the masses, what will allow for the creation of art.
Not that there's not already art on the internet, but soon, someone will do something that's not a political blog, not a blog-journal, not a sports blog, not anything you can think of, and it will be so undeniably brilliant that your moms will know about it.
TIME will cover it.

I stay up at night trying to figure out what will be done.
Not even trying to figure out how to do it, or what I could do to try it, but just what the breakthru will be.

It scares and excites me.

In other news, does anyone else get these junk comments for paxil, penis enlargement, viagra and the like?
Or is that just me?

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