January 23, 2004

Steve weighs in

Issue 1: BSE
Steve's Quick-Fix Guide to stopping BSE
Stop feeding cows, sheep, and other animals to cows.
Cows are herbivores. BSE is spread by eating other animals infected with BSE, Scrapie, and other TSEs (transmissible spongiform encephalopathies).
Soooo... stop using animal proteins in cow feed. And then maybe sheep feed, as well.
Or, hey, stop feeding animals to herbivores, period.
Damn, that was easy.

Let's see what's up next...

Issue #2: Putting spinners on your crappy Astro mini-van
Um, no.
Just NO.
That was easy, too.

Issue #3: Are zombies taking over the earth?
Don't believe me? Read this.

hmm. well, that's enough for a friday.
Have a good weekend.

Oh, and special thanks to Bazima for linking H2BH. She's got a freakin' cool blog. It's way better than this. BUT, I did solve the BSE problem.

AND, good ol' pip_52 has mined the missed connections at Craigslist, and come up with some real winners. My fav? "You gave me the finger. Coffee?"

Go check 'em out.

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