January 29, 2004

engine shed west

So, I was talking to tony a couple days ago, and we lamented the fact that we only came out with one record last year (the fabulous 100% BEEF / 100% LEMONS by Beef and Lemons). And we may only do one this year. This year is gonna be a slow one over at the shed, cause I'm in school with tons of loans, and tony is starting up his own studio. So neither of us has tons of cash to throw around.

I love releasing records. It has to be love, cause we don't exactly make money doing it. But hey, if you're in music for money, you're doing the wrong thing.
But I had a thought. I was thinking, if anybody knows of/is in any good bands that already have a finished recording, and would want to do a small time release, I could go to the bars a few less times over the course of the semester, and afford to a small (like 100-200) run of their album.
I think that'd be fun. Now, I'd need to really like the music, and be working with a band/person that understood that we weren't gonna make any money off of this, and was pretty laid back, but if I could find a cool little LA band to release, I think that'd be awesome.

No primadonnas, no sketchies, no wanna-be creeds, and no people who want more than a couple hundred copies and a guy to drop some off at KCRW, KXLU and play them on KSCR, and maybe try to schlep them to Amoeba need apply.

Oh, yeah, and I need to like the music.

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