March 24, 2004

some things to ponder so you don't get lonely:

1. Achewood. Best comic on the web. Possibly best strip currently being made. The jury is still out. And waiting for its books to arrive. Go read it. Start from the beginning, and download the Freezepop song, too. (Here comes a very special boy!)

2. I don't own a TV. Could someone explain this William Hung thing to me? Is he retarted? Touched in the head? Mentally stunted? WTF, mate? In any event, if you want to buy his EP, you can, thanks to the glory of iTunes.

3. The NCAA tournament is my favorite sporting event outside of the world cup. Unfortunately, my two schools, the University of Tulsa Golden Hurricane and USC, failed to make it. So I have less of a vested interest than in most years. I AM glad Nevada kicked the shit out of Gonzaga. I AM glad Stanford lost. And Louisville. Mixed feelings about Kentucky (like the upset, like what it does for UAB and C-USA basketball post-exodus, but really like Tubby Smith and Azubukie) and North Carolina. Wanna see St. Joe's win one more game and then bow out. Wanna see Eddie Sutton and the Pokes win it all. Wanna see Duke and UConn go down hard. Wanna see UAB beat Bill Self's Jayhawks. Wanna see Xavier beat Texas. And I wanna see Nevada in the final four.

4. More basketball. Can you imagine having your school's arena named after a 22 year old who never even attended the University? Yes? Do you go to Mizzou?

5. Congrats to Zaha Hadid on winning the Pritzker. Her designs for the Price Tower Museum in Bartelsville, OK are beautiful.

6. Would like to offically condemn the killing of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Just so you know. Not that I like the man at all, but hatred and violence breed more hatred and violence, and I fear Israel has just eliminated any hope of peace.

7. Want the supreme court to removed "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. It was added during the 'Red Scare' of the 50's, and in a country founded on freedom of religion and seperation of churh and state has no business being there.

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