April 24, 2004

to let it go, and so to fade away

there will be times when the person you thought understood you the most,
does not understand you at all.
there will be times when people will do things to you that you find unfair and horrible.
and what you have to decide, is can you, will you forgive them.
and then you have to figure out how, how to not push this down so it erupts on those nights you've had a few too many, or the days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, the days when you wonder why, the days when you think of all you're giving up.
you have to let it go.
and you have to figure out if you can.

you can sit around thinking about how you've been wronged, and be right, be just in your feelings, and move further along the trail to bitter man.

or you can struggle to get past it, and have blind faith that it won't happen again, and fight your urges to strike out and hurt as much as you have been hurt.

decisions, decisions.

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