May 26, 2004

your consistency makes you the same most of the time

Lately I've spent lots of time not reading blogs.
And not writing blogs.
An astounding amount of time, really.
Now, I could chalk it up to going to colorado, trying to cram as much together-time as possible with my girlfriend before she goes a thousand miles away, school, summer school, drinking and seeing opera, but I won't.
It's just that I get to, oh, about here in my posts, and just lose it.
I mean, what was I even talking about?
Hang on, lemme see.
I have no idea.
Lately I've been down on lots of things.
Most movies, books and tv leave me cold.
Shrek 2 was ehhhhh.
Troy was alright.
The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break was ok.
Kill Bill 2 was indulgent.
I did like the first season of The Office, which Matt lent me.
I find myself being really harsh on everybody's writing, including my own.
But I just want something more.
Everything seems so mundane.
I haven''t even got writer's block.
I don't even try to try writing.
I've got tryer's block.
Oh, my computer died, too.
And I lost a couple plays and such.
and a bunch of music.
But I just don't seem to care.
I don't know why I'm even putting this up.
If you know of anything wowie zowie slam-pop-bang-whizzzzzz exciting, please leave me the story or a link in my comments.

"It's a motherfucker bein' here without you."

"It could have been—it didn't have to be obscene. It could have been—a bird out of season, dropping bright-feathered on my shoulder, it could have been a tongueless dwarf standing by the road to point the way. I was prepared. But it's this, is it? No enigma, no dignity, nothing classical, portentous, only this —a comic pornographer and a rabble of prostitutes."

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