February 03, 2005

New Music

Rogue Wave, Zach Rogue's ass kicking trio from San Fran-cheesy, released an iTunes exclusive EP on January 25th. It contains a cover of 'Seconds' from U2's War, which just may be the best U2 cover ever, along with "Exhumed & Groomed" versions of 'Falcon Settles Me,' 'Man-Revolutionary' (for some reason missing its exclamation point), 'Sewn Up', 'Endless Shovel', and 'Endgame.' All of those songs appear on their excellent 2004 Sub Pop release Out of the Shadow. In fact, if you've never heard Rouge wave before and 30 second iTunes clips aren't enough for you to go by, you can download two songs, 'Every Moment' and 'Endless Shovel', for free courtesy of Sub Pop.
"Exhumed & Groomed" means fantastiic soundboard live recordings remixed andd remastered. The whole EP is a steal at $5.94, or pick and choose for 99 cents a song.

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