May 18, 2005

The strange tale of Mr. X

A man was found April 7th in Kent. He was wearing a black suit or tuxedo soaked in sea water. When questioned by police, he refused to or was unable to speak. Upon closer inspection, it was found that all the labels had been removed from his clothes. He did not speak, but when taken to Medway Maritime Hospital and given pen and paper in the hopes that he would write his name, he drew pictures of pianos and wrote musical notation. When taken to a piano, he played for four hours. He played calmly and fairly well, in great contrast to his otherwise skittish behaviour. It was suggested that he is a Swedish "player of note," which was proved untrue when the player was found present and well in Sweden. A Polish mime has now come forward saying that he has worked with the man in Nice. Dariusz Dydymski, the mime, says Mr. X is Stephen Villa Masson, a French street musician. This has yet to be confirmed.
Find the latest on Mr. X here.

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