April 20, 2003

Huh. I guess I got my answer.

"what about you? hmm.

when i think of going through life, there are these whirlwind points, and lots of sunlight, kind of like the rayonist/futurist pictures. like movement. and i think of all the little ppoints [sic] when i connect, and when someone or something kept me going and i remember the way that grass and flowers and ocean and hot asphalt smells, and when the wind blows and how i always pretend like when i was little that if its strong enough it will blow me away, up in the clouds, and all my memories when i look swallow what's behind but look ahead and smile, they all swish by me,

but there are these brief close-ups that come *smack* right up to my face, and the people in them look at me and smile, and i have this feeling of connection
and you're in one of my most special close-ups,

with blond curls, the tiny gap in your teeth, and that smile that i know i'll never, thank god, forget."

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