April 22, 2003

Ten things I hate about Julia Stiles

This actually has naught to do with Miss Stiles.

I move out of my house on Sunday, and after two years of living with two of my friends, I thought I'd do ten things I learned living here each of my remaining 5 days. So here's installment #1:

1. No matter how drunk you are, check your pockets for your keys before you punch through a window to open the door.
2. Friends hardly ever listen to my advice about girls, even when everyone else agrees it is right, so I should just keep it to myself.
3. Video cameras + drunkeness = either A) Brilliance or B) Tragedy.
4. It is entirely possible for two people to drink a handle of Jack in 6 hours.
5. Fuck Redbull and Vodka, Kahlua and coffee is the poor man's speedball.
6. It sucks being the only person who cleans the bathroom.
7. I should always live in situations where I'm the dirtiest roommate. Cause if I'm not, it drives me fucking nuts.
8. Walnuts can break car windshields.
9. When you first move in, living within walking distance of 5 bars seems like a good idea.
10. Buying that Britney Spears DVD was a great idea no matter what any of our friends said.

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