April 23, 2003

The first rule of Spigot Club is...

I look out and I see lots of new faces here at Spigot Club.

That means a lot of you have been breaking the first rule of Spigot Club.

And remember, if it's your first time, you have to comment.

Let's review the Rules of living in a house with two of your friends:

1. You do not talk about New Year's Eve 2001.
2. Always have beer.
3. You are not allowed to control both the computer and the television at the same time if someone else is in the living room.
4. Always make sure you lock the doors at night, as you never know who might sneak into our house and into bed with Tony.
5. You did not hear any noises coming from Aden's bedroom. It was a dream. Go back to sleep.
6. Only one single mother allowed in the house at any one time.
7. Do not try to sneak in Tony's window if you have lost your keys. Bad things will happen.
8. If all else fails, drink the Mongolian vodka.
9. It's the Tommy, Billy and Bobby show.
10. Chasing the green fairy is not as cool as it sounds.

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