July 06, 2003

holy time, state of grace
saturday night is judgement day
give me your crown of thorns tight around my heart

part of the conversation we didn't have last night because somehow somewhere i found some modicum of self-control (or maybe just passed out):

the phone- brrrriinng-brrringg-briiiingg
you- hello?
me- hi. i'm stoned.
you- [smiling while you talk] oh really?
me- yeah. i just wanted to thank you for that email.
you- you're welcome.
me- oh shit. it's really late, isn't it?
you - um, yeah.
me- shit, sorry. i should go
you- it's ok, as long as you only do this once every couple months.
me- so you know my 'objective assesment' was a load of crap as far as i'm concerned, right?
you- yeah, that was pretty clear.
me- you mean i didn't sell it well?
you- um. no.
me- shit. so what happens now?

And that's where I would have passed out.
And of course my end of the conversation would have been acres less coherent.

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