July 06, 2003

lust in phaze

ok, voting time at the spig.
It's time to move on from my current slogan (i.e. the boy scouts have issued me a cease and desist order) and i'm having trouble deciding. here's my top 3:

1. now with more sound, less fury!
2. damn it feels good to be a gangsta
3. everything is always ending

so, choose your favorite out of those, OR (being electrocuted) come up with your own, and if it grabs my fancy-dan pants in the right way (i.e. below the button, yeah, down the crotch, yeah, oh yeah, left side, now you've got it. Yeah, right there. ohhh.) I'll use it for a while and then toss it to the curb like the cheap slogan ho-a it was. Oh, and I'll link you from the slogan. Damn, you could be the first link on the spig.
But probably not. Cause I really like "now with more sound, less fury!"

4. it's tough to be this pretty.

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